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What Are Uses Of Aluminum Shell
Oct 20, 2016

1. the density of aluminum is very small, only 2. 7G/cm, although it is relatively soft, but can be made into all kinds of aluminum alloys, such as aluminum, super hard alloy, rust-proof aluminum, cast aluminum. These aluminum alloys are widely used in aircraft, automobiles, trains, ships and other manufacturing industries. In addition, space rockets, space shuttles, satellites also used large amounts of aluminum and aluminum alloys. For example, a supersonic aircraft from about 70% of aluminium and its alloy composition. Extensive use of aluminum in shipbuilding, a large passenger ship with thousands of tons of aluminum content.
2. conductivity of aluminum after silver and bronze, although its only copper 2/3 conductivity, but density is only 1/3 of copper, so transporting the same amount of electricity, the quality of aluminum wire only half that of copper. Corrosion resistance of aluminum oxide film on the surface of not only ability, and a certain degree of insulation and aluminum in the electrical manufacturing industry, wire and cable industries and a wide range of uses in the radio industry.
3. aluminum is a good conductor of heat, its thermal conductivity 3 times larger than iron, available aluminum in the manufacture of industrial heat exchangers, thermal materials and cookware, and so on.